The eighth meeting of ICAO EUR/NAT Aviation Security Group (ENAVSECG 08) took place from 06 to 09 October 2020

The eighth meeting of ICAO EUR/NAT Aviation Security Group (ENAVSECG 08) took place from 06 to 09 October 2020.

The States and stakeholders followed up on the challenges imposed by COVID-19 after the initial discussions held during the ad-hoc ENAVSECG meeting on 12 June 2020.

ICAO EUR/NAT Secretariat shared information on the new global developments. The States were informed on the evolution of Annex 17 and Annex 9 (Security related SARPs), reminded of the work undertaken by Council's Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) and encouraged to implement security and facilitation related CART recommendations.

The group shared achievements and discussed challenges in regards to the steps taken towards the implementation of the GASeP and its regional roadmap. The participants had fruitful deliberations on various aviation security domains.  ENAVSECG members agreed that there is a need to enhance technology and develop more guidance material on screening equipment, look for innovative and efficient solutions to counter new threats, provide comprehensive legislative framework to manage unruly passengers, establish holistic and reliable oversight and quality control systems and more.

The meeting welcomed the chairpersons and the report of the first meeting of ENAVSECG subgroup "ECHO" endorsed and established in accordance with the decisions made during the seventh meeting and mandated to serve as an impartial, inclusive and collaborative mechanism to facilitate reaching the key priority outcomes of the GASeP by all Member States of the EUR/NAT Regions.

Further cooperation and sharing of experience between States and all stakeholders were commended and encouraged.

The meeting was attended by participants from 37 States, nine international and regional organizations and six ICAO regional Aviation Security Training Centers.

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