The Sixth Meeting of the EASPG Regional Expert Safety Group (EASPG RESG/06), Paris, France - 19 to 21 September 2023

The Sixth Meeting of the EASPG Regional Expert Safety Group (EASPG RESG/06) combined with the RESG RASP WG/05 was held in the ICAO European and North Atlantic Regional Office, in Paris, France, from 19 to 21 September 2023. Exceptionally, remote attendance was available to those delegates unable to travel.

42 participants from 22 states and 8 international/regional organizations and industry participated in person and online.

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The election of the new RESG Co-chairs took place electing the following  members for the positions of the EASPG RESG Co-Chairs: Mr. John Thomson (UK) and Mr. Dragos Munteanu (IATA).

The groups discussed regional safety priorities, agreed to the specific regional safety assistance activities (to include webinars on runway safety and safe transportation of lithium batteries), debated on possible modification of EUR RASP 2023-2025, finalized the EUR RASP 2023 Survey (to be officially launched as of October 16, 2023) and agreed on follow-up update of EUR Safety Advisories. The issues of resources and need to avoid duplication of efforts led to the brainstorming on how the work of RESG and RESG RASP WG could be optimized in the future.

Results of these discussions will be presented to the upcoming meeting of their parent body (EASPG) during EASPG/05 meeting during November 29 – December 01, 2023.

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