Meeting of the EASPG Regional Expert Safety Group (EASPG RESG/05), Vienna, Austria - 04 to 06 April 2023

The Fifth Meeting of the EASPG Regional Expert Safety Group (EASPG RESG/05) combined with the RESG RASP WG/04 was held in Vienna, Austria, from 04 to 06 April 2023. The meeting was invited by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology. During the meeting, the participants and the Secretariat finalized the text of European Aviation Safety Plan (EUR RASP) for 2023-2025, continued drafting EUR RASP 2022 Implementation Report and agreed on main principals and way forward to update EUR RASP for 2024-2026 reference period taking into consideration feedback received from States through EUR RASP 2022 survey.

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In addition, several implementation activities were identified during the meeting aiming to assist States struggling with implementing several EUR RASP safety actions. The meeting was attended by 52 participants from 23 States, 8 International/Regional Organizations and the Industry.

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