EASPG meeting, Paris, France - 2 to 5 December 2019


The The First meeting of the European Aviation System Planning Group, a merger of the former EANPG and RASG-EUR, (EASPG/1) took place from 2 to 5 December 2019 in the ICAO EUR/NAT Office in Paris, France.  

The Terms of Reference of the EASPG have been approved by the ICAO President of the Council on 11 September 2019. It was emphasised that this was a new beginning in the ICAO EUR working structure leading to improved coordination between air navigation and aviation safety related activities, enabling an aviation system level approach to managing safety and leading to enhanced efficiencies and synergies.

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The Meeting was co-chaired by Mr Pekka Henttu (Chairman of the RASG-EUR, Finland) and Mr Alessandro Ghilari (Chairman of the EANPG, Italy). Ms Silvia Gehrer, ICAO Regional Director, Europe and North Atlantic, was the Meeting Secretary.

In line with the Terms of References (ToR), the Meeting proceeded with the elections of the EASPG Chair-team.

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Mr Luis Miguel Ribeiro – Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority, Portugal, was elected as  EASPG Chair. The Meeting highlighted the importance of ensuring representation of the whole EUR Region in the EASPG chair-team. Therefore, 3 Vice-Chairmen  were elected Messrs Levan Karanadze (Director, Georgian Civil Aviation Agency, Georgia), Alessandro Ghilari (Head of International Policy and Regulations at ENAV, Italy)  and Alexandr Yurchik (Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transport, Russian Federation) as.  To that end, it was agreed that the EASPG ToR would be amended to include 3 vice-chair positions.

The Meeting was attended by 129 participants from 40 States and 10 international organizations. 

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