Twenty-fifth Meeting of the EUR Data Management Group (DMG/25) Toulouse, France - 16 to 18 October 2018

The Twenty-fifth Meeting of the EUR Data Management Group (DMG/25) was held in Toulouse, France from 16 to 18 October 2018. Nine participants from six States (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Romania, and the United Kingdom) and ICAO continued progress on the implementation of OPMET data requirements and exchange of OPMET data in the ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange Model (IWXXM) format.



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The group refined the methodology of providing information on the implementation of OPMET elements in Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) Block 0 – AMET and ASBU Block 1- AMET that will be proposed to be included in Volume III of the electronic Air Navigation Plan for the EUR Region in 2019.


The group also addressed some of the tasks related to the possible establishment of a new Regional OPMET Centre (ROC) Moscow such as coordination procedure with States that could be under the centre's area of responsibility.


Assistance to the EUR System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Project Team (SWIM PT) was considered by developing a first draft of prerequisites for SWIM which will be reviewed by the EUR SWIM/PT.

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