ICAO EUR/NAT CRRIC virtual workshop - 28 September 2020

Since the online launch of the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Implementation Centre (CRRIC) that allows the reporting and monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations and guidance issued by the Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) for the post COVID-19 restart, recovery and resilience of civil aviation, a series of webinars were organized to provide information to the future users. The recordings from these webinars are available at the CRRIC website, accessible at https://www.icao.int/Meetings/webinar-series/Pages/COVID-19-Response-and-Recovery-Implementation-Centre-(CCRIC).aspx  

States/Administrations were invited to nominate the focal point(s) responsible for entering the implementation progress into the CRRIC. Nominated State Focal points and CRRIC users were invited to participate in the ICAO EUR/NAT workshop, held on 28 September 2020, to discuss the functionality of the CRRIC and provide information and guidance for inputting information.  The workshop also allowed for an opportunity to address any questions regarding the CRRIC and the implementation of the 11 CART recommendations.

The Workshop was attended by 45 participants, from 27 States and one Regional Safety Oversight Organization (RSOO), EASA.


Austria, Denmark, France, Georgia , Kazakhstan, Malta and Tunisia intervened to share their experience with CRRIC and on how they determined the levels of implementation of CART recommendations in the fields of safety, public health, facilitation, aviation security, economy and finance. 

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