Appointment of First Female Chairperson of the ICAO NAT TIG – 11 April 2024

The North Atlantic Technology and Interoperability Group (NAT TIG) works under the North Atlantic Systems Planning Group (NAT SPG), the first regional planning group established by the Council of ICAO. The Technology and Interoperability Group develops proposals to harmonise implementation and increase interoperability between systems supporting air navigation services provision and aircraft operations in the ICAO NAT Region. This function is carried out under the direction, and to support the work programme, of the NAT Implementation Management Group (NAT IMG).


During the NAT TIG/17 (8-11 April 2024), Ms. Theresa Brewer-Dougherty, Air Traffic Safety Performance Monitoring expert at the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America was elected Chairperson by the NAT TIG. Ms. Brewer-Dougherty will succeed Mr. Bjarni Stefánsson, who has chaired the NAT TIG since its first meeting in April 2016 and provided considerable leadership and contributions during his tenure. 

Ms. Theresa Brewer-Dougherty has represented the United States in the NAT TIG since the first meeting in April 2016, and before that in the NAT CNSG, predecessor of the NAT TIG, since March 2013. Theresa has contributed significantly to the development of the standard equipage and data link performance reports provided by the NAT TIG, as well as the monthly PBCS monitoring process currently executed by the NAT TIG in coordination with the NAT CMA. Theresa proposed and led the Network Outage Detection and Reporting (NODAR) Project Team, to improve the detection and reporting related to outages within the communication service provider (CSP) and satellite service provider (SSP) subnetworks and systems. She continues to work passionately toward achieving the required levels of performance of the data link network, which provides the backbone for NAT data link-dependent operations, as well as the necessary communication and coordination by the CSPs and SSPs during network degradations and outages.

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