Advancing Gender Equality in Aviation - ICAO EUR/NAT Webinar on Mentoring - 6 December 2023 (virtual)

The first ICAO EUR/NAT webinar on mentoring was held on 6 December 2023. Representatives from 25 States as well as partner Organizations (EASA, EUROCONTROL, ICCAIA and IFATCA) attended the meeting.

The discussions focused on important tools for fostering women's careers: coaching and mentoring. Representatives from EASA, EUROCONTROL, IFATCA and UK CAA unpacked the concept of mentoring including individual and group mentoring, discussed the benefits of mentoring on mentees, and how mentoring can lead eventually to cultural change in institutions, as well as the upcoming launch of a new course on how to organize efficient and effective mentoring.


The presentations and the video recording are available on the ICAO EUR/NAT website here.

The next regional webinar on this topic is expected to be held in spring 2024. These events aim to share information on the national or organizational policies, programmes and other initiatives towards advancing gender equality in aviation and experiences across the EUR/NAT area. This webinar was a first step on a journey which we hope will benefit as many women as possible.

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