The 2023 ENV Task Force Seminar held in Georgia - 17 to 19 October 2023

The seminar of the ICAO Environment (ENV) Task Force was held from 17 to 19 October 2023 in Tbilisi, Georgia hosted by the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA). Representatives from 19 States from the ICAO EUR/NAT area as well as representatives from partner Regional Organizations (ACI Europe through DHMI - the Turkish government authority responsible for the functioning of airports, ECAC and EUROCONTROL) attended the meeting.

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The discussions focused on initiatives undertaken to address aviation CO2 emissions reduction. The Secretariat provided insights on related ICAO initiatives, the latest updates on the States' Action Plans initiative and the CORSIA and other relevant capacity building activities including the Sustainable Aviation Fuels "ACT SAF" programme.


Under their Buddy Partnerships with Germany, focal points and participants received an in-person training with the involved technical expert.


States' Focal Points and Representatives from Austria, Georgia and Greece shared their experiences and best practices regarding the development and the update of the State Action Plan, the CORSIA implementation and the development of a national SAF Roadmap. Moreover, partner Regional Organizations' Representatives provided updated information on the initiatives, mitigation measures and studies undertaken to support aviation's decarbonisation (Airport Carbon Accreditation, Policy Guidance for Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Study on the role of ATM to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, etc.). The ICAO 2023 Environment Task Force Seminar presentations are available on the ICAO website here.


The Regional Office provides implementation support to States through various means, including the ENV Task Force, ACT-CORSIA and ACT-SAF.

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