Managing Compliance with ICAO SARPs – CAA Senior and Middle Managers Training Course, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation - 4 to 7 March 2019

​The last training course Managing Compliance with ICAO SARPs for CAA Senior and Middle Managers organized in the EUR NAT Regions was held on 4 March to 7 March, 2019 in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. The Training Course was attended by  20 Participants from 8 States.



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This course aimed to enable CAA senior and middle managers to effectively plan, manage and assess the implementation of ICAO SARPs in their States.  The course provided them with information on the management and assessment of the implementation of ICAO SARPs; the use relevant ICAO documentation, processes, tools and techniques to implement ICAO SARPs in their States and provided the participants as well with some tips to improve implementation of ICAO SARPs.

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