Paris, France 1 to 3 June 2015 - The EUR/NAT Aviation Security Group conducted its fourth meeting from 1 to 3 June in the premises of the ICAO EUR/NAT office in Paris. 60 participants representing 21 States and 10 international/regional organizations attended the meeting over 2 ½ days discussing new and emerging threats to civil aviation as well as “classical” AVSEC topics.
Coordination and cooperation amongst States, organizations and industry at national, regional and international level stay as the key to successfully face the challenges of the future. Several important topics, such as ATM security, remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), overflying conflict zones can only be appropriately approached when expert knowledge from aviation security, aviation safety and air navigation is combined; they can no longer be assigned just to one area of expertise.
The EUR/NAT AVSEC Group meeting provided also the opportunity to exchange views and information regarding capacity building and training projects in aviation security. ICAO, ECAC, the EU and several States are active in these fields and a proper coordination and communication amongst providers, but also amongst providers and beneficiaries will facilitate the successful implementation of the different current projects.
The meeting jointly agreed upon a series of conclusions that will contribute to consolidate the EUR/NAT perspective on current and further ICAO AVSEC projects/work.
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