ATMG/18: Tbilisi (Georgia) 10 to 13 December 2013

Eighteenth Meeting of the Air Traffic Management Group – Eastern Part of the ICAO EUR Region (ATMGE/18) Tbilisi (Georgia) 10 to 13 December 2013- More than 30 participants from eleven States and two international organisations attended the 18th meeting of the Air Traffic Management Group Eastern Part of the ICAO EUR Region (ATMGE/18) which, thanks to the kind invitation/support of the Civil Aviation Agency of Georgia (GCAA) and the Georgian Air Navigation Service Provider “Sakaeronavigatsia”Ltd, was organised in Tbilisi, Georgia from 10 to 13 December 2013.
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The Group had extensive discussions on the coordination and harmonization of implementation activities regarding the Aviation System Block Upgrades Block 0 modules, on the reports from the States on significant ATM developments or airspace projects highlighting the operational ATM improvements and the regional ATM/CNS related interoperability aspects. The ASBU discussion was supported by a presentation from EUROCONTROL which explained in detail the Pan/European ATM Implementation Planning and Reporting mechanisms (for ECAC States) and the possibilities to expand this ESSIP plan in order to allow the ICAO GANP monitoring for all States in the EUR Region. 


The ATMGE also discussed the report of the Project Team which addressed the RT phraseology differences between the English and the Russian version of the ICAO Annex 10 Vol.II, Doc 4444 and Doc 9432. The work of this PT tried to address the problem with the standard phraseology published by ICAO in Russian language in which, though grammatically correct, the translation does not always reflect the ATM procedure, ATCO and flight crew intent and the actual meaning of the applied radiotelephony terms. This issue was particularly of concern for States where the aviation radiotelephony communication is carried out in both English and Russian languages.


A number of presentations on MET-related activities, on the EUROCONTROL concept of Centralised Services, on the modernisation activities in the United States and the FAA’s NextGen program and on the implementation activities for the EUR Regional Performance Framework were also discussed during this ATMGE meeting.


The full ATMGE/18 report, all presentations and further information are published on the ICAO EUR/NAT Office website.

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