ICAO Safety Management Systems (SMS) Implementation Course for the Russian Federation: Moscow (Russian Federation), 31 May 2013

Moscow (Russian Federation), 31 May 2013


In response to the ICAO State letter of 30 June 2006 proposing to States assistance in implementing the Safety Management Systems (SMS), the Federal Civil Aviation Authority (Rosaviatsia) of the Russian Federation invited ICAO to conduct the SMS course for the managers of Rosaviatsia and the State ATM Corporation of the Russian Federation. The ICAO SMS Implementation course was conducted in Moscow from 27 to 31 May 2013.

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The ICAO course has been designed to provide participants with necessary and sufficient training that will enable ATM professionals to plan, develop and implement a Safety Management System and further, to manage the system once implemented.


The main objective of the course was to:    

  • Develop participants’ knowledge of safety management systems based on ICAO requirements and international best practices.
  • Provide participants with sufficient specific tools, knowledge and know-how allowing for planning, development and implementation of safety management systems.
  • Provide participants with adequate course materials containing examples and experiences that can be used to reinforce their knowledge of safety management systems.


Thanks to the efforts and investments of the State ATM Corporation of the Russian Federation and their diligent staff the course was provided with excellent conference facilities and manpower support.


Thirty participants from the civil aviation authority and the State ATM Corporation successfully completed this course.

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