Other Meetings Seminars and Workshops

Folder: 2014 FAL Seminar Paris
ICAO Regional Facilitation (FAL) Seminar (Paris, 13-16 October 2014)2014-10-10 12:00 AM
Folder: 2018 ASBU Symposium for EUR-NAT and MID Regions
Joint ACAO/ICAO ASBU Symposium for EUR/NAT and MID Regions (Marrakech, Morocco, 10-13 December 2018)2018-11-21 12:00 AM
Folder: 70th Anniversary Celebrations of ICAO EURNAT Office
Paris, France, 7 July 20162017-01-27 12:00 AM
Folder: ACM
Atlantic Coordination Meeting2019-01-04 12:00 AM
Folder: AIM AIS
AIM AIS Workshops and Seminars2018-04-30 12:00 AM
Folder: AOC Register
ICAO SL AN2/29.2-13/62 refers2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: Atelier MET Provisions Maghreb
Atelier de Travail sur la Mise en Oeuvre des Provisions MET de l’OACI dans les Etats du Maghreb (Marrakech, Maroc, 11 au 12 Avril 2017)2017-04-06 12:00 AM
Folder: ATMGE24 Symposium
Yerevan, Armenia, 28-29 September 20172017-10-12 12:00 AM
Aviation Medicine events held in the ICAO EUR/NAT Region and States of accreditation (other tha...2014-08-25 12:00 AM
European Meeting of the Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation2015-03-23 12:00 AM
Folder: COG Crisis Management Framework Working Group
COG Crisis Management Framework Working Group2014-08-25 12:00 AM
RVSM Implementation in the EURASIA States (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, Tajikist...2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: EURNAT-DGCA Meetings
Directors General of Civil Aviation - EUR/NAT Regions2017-05-05 12:00 AM
Folder: Fam Courses
Fam Courses2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: FPL 2012 ICAO EUR Region Plan
Documents related to implementation of FPL2012 in ICAO EUR Region. Includes EUR Region Impleme...2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: FUA Task Force
Established pursuant to EANPG Conclusion 49/112014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: FUA Workshops
Focussed on assisting the Eastern part of the EUR Region to implement the FUA concept.2017-02-15 12:00 AM
Folder: GBAS
GBAS2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: Global ATFM Manual Coordination Team
Global ATFM Manual Coordination Team2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: GRF Workshop (Paris)
Workshop on Implementation of the New GRF for Runway Surface Conditions – ICAO EUR Region (Paris, 10-11 July 2019)2019-05-16 12:00 AM
Folder: ICAO Civil-Military Cooperation Meetings
ICAO EUR Region civil/military coordination/cooperation seminars, workshops, symposiums2015-02-24 12:00 AM
Folder: ICAO EUR Environment Task Force Meetings
ICAO EUR Environment Task Force Meetings2019-02-22 12:00 AM
Folder: ICAO EUR High-Level Meeting of States
ICAO EUR High-Level Meeting of States2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: ICAO EUR NAT NCLB Technical Assistance Programme - Workshops on Aerodrome Certification ICAO EURNAT AGA 18001
ICAO EUR/NAT NCLB Technical Assistance Programme, AGA/Aerodrome Certification 18001 Project2018-12-13 12:00 AM
Folder: ICAO EUR Regional Performance Framework Workshops
ICAO EUR Regional Performance Framework Workshops2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: ICARD User Forum
ICARD User Forums2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: IFLEX Workshops
Flexible ATS Route Management Workshops2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: IFSET
ICAO Fuel Saving Estimation Tool2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: Inter-regional Meetings
Inter-regional meetings2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: IWXXM 2017 Workshop
ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange Model (IWXXM) Implementation Workshop (Paris, 17 to 18 May 2017)2017-05-15 12:00 AM
Folder: IWXXM Workshop
Workshop on Implementing the ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange Model (IWXXM) for the exchange of OPMET data  (Paris, 31 May-02 June 2016)2016-05-18 12:00 AM
Folder: LPRI
ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements Implementation2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: METG PT LLF Workshop
User Consultation Workshop on the provision of Meteorological Service for Low-Level Flights2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: MISC
Other meetings (AD-HOC etc.)2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: NAT 2030 Vision Workshop
Paris, France, 29-30 January 20192019-01-04 12:00 AM
Folder: NAT Half-Degree Ad-Hoc Task Force
NAT Half-Degree Ad-Hoc Task Force Meeting 2014-09-03 12:00 AM
NAT Performance Based Communication and Surveillance Workshop2017-02-15 12:00 AM
Folder: PBN and Associated PANS-OPS Provisions Workshops
PBN and Associated PANS-OPS Provisions Workshops2015-03-25 12:00 AM
Folder: PBN TF
PBN Imlementation Task force2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: PBN Workshops
Performance Based Navigation workshops2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: PT-ROAD of the EANPG AWOG
Project Team meeting (PT/ROAD) of the EANPG All-Weather Operations Group2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Quality Management System for Meteorological Service Air Navigation2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: QMS in AIS AIM
Implementation of QMS in aeronautical information services (AIS)2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: Regional Preparatory Symposium for ANC 2012
Regional Preparatory Symposium for ANC 2012 (Moscou, Russian Fed 20-21 March 2012)2014-08-25 12:00 AM
Folder: RVSM and RMA
ICAO RVSM and RMA Events2014-09-11 12:00 AM
Folder: SAFETY - AIG
Accident Investigation workshops2019-04-08 12:00 AM
Cargo Safety related events2017-02-15 12:00 AM
Folder: SAFETY - DG CAAs
Directors General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Course on Aviation Safety2017-02-15 12:00 AM
Folder: SAFETY - HLSC PREP 2014
Regional preparatory and follow up meetings to the High Level Safety Conference (HLSC) (ICAO HQ...2017-02-15 12:00 AM
Folder: SAFETY - RWY
Runway Safety Regional events2017-02-15 12:00 AM
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