Meeting Schedule 2020


16-17 January 2020VOLCEX19 Debrief/VOLCEX20 Planning & VOLCEX/SG/15Rome, ItalyConfirmed
21-22 January 2020GRF Workshop (IATA)Madrid, SpainConfirmed
28-29 January 2020GRF WorkshopHelsinki, FinlandConfirmed
09-13 March 2020NAT SG/21  - POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICEWebex meetingPostponed
16-20 March 2020NAT TIG/09Webex MeetingConfirmed
10-12 March 2020DMG/29Webex MeetingConfirmed
02-06 March 2020NAT POG/09ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FranceConfirmed
03-04 March 2020NAT Workshop on CybersecurityICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRAConfirmed
27-30 April 2020NAT IMG/56 - REPLACED BY WEBEXWebex meetingConfirmed
07-08 April 2020ECHO/02 meeting - done by correspondencePostponed
20-24 April 2020NAT MWG/56Reykjavik, IcelandTentative
28-29 April 2020GRF workshop - ICAO EUR Region (postponed - new date tbc)Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanPostponed
07-09 April 2020IE REST/15 and workshop - REPLACED BY WEBEXWebex meetingConfirmed
01-02 April 2020ICAO - Eurocontrol Joint Safety Culture workshop POSTPONED to 27-28 October 2020Sicily, ItalyPostponed
04 May 2020NAT EFFG/38Webex meetingConfirmed
13-14 May 2020ICAO Workshop on the Implementation of a National Aviation Safety PlanTbilisi, GeorgiaPostponed
18-22 May 2020RDGE/32 - POSTPONED TO 14-18 SEPTEMBER 2020Tbilisi, GEO or Paris, FRA (TBC)Cancelled
25-28 May 2020PT/EAST/20 - POSTPONEDTashkent, UzbekistanPostponed
28 May 2020SNOWTAM 2020Webex meetingConfirmed
22-25 June 2020NAT SPG/56 - POSTPONEDParis, FrancePostponed
15-19 June 2020DMG/30 - REPLACED by WEBEXseries of WebEx meetingsConfirmed
30 June-02 July 2020SWIM PT/3 - REPLACED by WEBEXWebEx meetingCancelled
03-05 June 2020ICAO EUR PBNCTF/3 & EUROCONTROL NSG/30ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRACancelled
02-05 June 2020NAT SOG/22 - REPLACED BY WEBEXWebex meetingConfirmed
15-19 June 2020International Air Law Training CourseICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRATentative
08-12 June 2020ICAO Regional PBN Operational Approvals Process Workshop ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRAPostponed
10-12 June 2020EASPG PCG/1 - CANCELLEDIrelandCancelled
01-05 June 2020FMG Coordination Meeting 2020 combined RAFT/17Webex meetingConfirmed
10 June 2020DMG/30 - WebExWebEx meetingConfirmed
12 June 2020ENAVSECG ad-hoc COVID-19 relatedWebEx meetingConfirmed
08 June 2020EURNAT-DGCA Virtual Meeting on ICAO CART Public Health MeasuresWebEx meetingConfirmed
21-23 July 2020VOLKAM21 Planning - CANCELLEDMagadan, Russian Federation Cancelled
16-17 July 2020VOLKAM/20 - CANCELLEDMoscow, RussiaCancelled
29-31 July 2020ICAO ANSISG/03ICAO EUR/NAT Office, ParisConfirmed
22-25 September 2020METG/30ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FranceConfirmed
28 September-02 October 2020AVSEC/FAL Seminar EAST - POSTPONEDRiga, LatviaPostponed
07-11 September 2020NAT POG/10Reykjavik, Iceland OR ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France tbcConfirmed
21-25 September 2020NAT TIG/10Santa Maria, PortugalConfirmed
14-18 September 2020IE REST/16 and workshopMoscow, Russian FederationConfirmed
21-25 September 2020Oversight of Aircraft Leasing Operations Training CourseICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRATentative
28 September-02 October 2020FMG/26 combined RAFT/18ICAO EUR/NAT, Paris, FranceConfirmed
16-17 September 2020Regional ASTC Directors MeetingICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FranceConfirmed
08-11 September 2020Risk Management WorkshopToulouse, FranceConfirmed
15-17 September 2020Search and Rescue WorkshoptbdTentative
14-18 September 2020RDGE/32ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRAConfirmed
19-23 October 2020NAT SG/23ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRAConfirmed
13-15 October 2020DMG/31Bucharest, RomaniaConfirmed
14-16 October 2020CAPSCA EUR/08EASA HQ, Cologne, GermanyTentative
27-28 October 2020NAT EFFG/39ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, France Confirmed
05-09 October 2020State Safety Programme (SSP) Training CourseICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRATentative
20-21 October 2020EURNAT-DGCA/2020ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRAConfirmed
06-09 October 2020ENAVSECG/08ICAO EUR/NAT Office, ParisConfirmed
03-05 November 2020Cyber Security Workshop - POSTPONEDICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FrancePostponed
03-06 November 2020NAT IMG/57Shannon, IrelandConfirmed
23-27 November 2020Training Instructors Course (TIC) Part 2ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRATentative
30 November-02 December 2020Global ASTC Directors MeetingLondon, UKConfirmed
10-13 November 2020AST TF/1ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FranceConfirmed
01-03 December 2020ICAO EUR PBNCTF/4 & EUROCONTROL NSG/31EUROCONTROL HQ, Brussels, BelgiumConfirmed
01-04 December 2020EASPG/2ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRAConfirmed
08-11 December 2020NAT SOG/23Canada (city: TBC)Confirmed
15-17 December 2020ICAO Aviation Data and Analysis Seminar ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FRAConfirmed
09-10 December 2020ECHO/3ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris, FranceConfirmed
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