Questions on Air Operator

  • Can an operator hold simultaneously an air operator certificate (AOC) and approved training organization (ATO) certificate?


Nothing in Annex 1 or Annex 6 prevents an operator from holding both of these authorizations simultaneously, provided that the respective requirements published by the State concerning the grant of each of these authorizations is met.



  • Is there an ICAO "black list" of unsafe air operators?


ICAO does not assess air operators and does not hold any specific information related to the safety of an air operator. However, some States do perform assessment of air operators and may from time to time produce a document containing their opinion related to the safety of such air operators. From time to time, the press may refer to such documents and in order to obtain current information, the civil aviation authorities of States having published such information should be contacted directly.


  • How to get information concerning the safety history or the quality of an air operator's fleet?

ICAO adopts Standards and Recommended Practices which are used by States as a basis to develop their regulatory framework governing civil aviation related activities.

Although ICAO compiles statistics concerning overall global civil aviation safety, ICAO does not maintain information related to the safety history of individual air operators, including the quality of their fleet.



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