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These documents are published and maintained up-to-date by the ICAO Regional Office. The material in these documents is intended for guidance only. It is not intended to replace relevant national instructions or explanatory material. Nothing in these documents should be taken as contradicting or conflicting with the relevant ICAO SARPs, procedures or other guidance issued by ICAO. The regional guidance documents are reviewed from time to time by APANPIRG and its contributing bodies and updates are published after approval by APANPIRG.


The ICAO Council in June 2014 approved the new structure, format and content of the Regional Air Navigation Plans (ANP), and the ANP amendment process. APANPIRG/25 adopted Decision 25/1 on the development of the APAC ANP according to the new structure.


The approved Volume I & II of APAC ANP in the new structure is available at:



 The previous version of the APAC ANP documents are provided below as reference information only.

- ASIA/PAC, Vol I, Basic ANP, Working Draft
- ASIA/PAC, Vol II, FASID, Working Draft



Asia/Pacific Region ATS Route Catalogue

Version 15, 08 July 2016
​Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) Manual Template (MS Word)
South China Sea Operational Concept


5LNC Data Collection Spreadsheet (Excel file)​January 2018
State AIM Transition Table​12 September 2018
Guidance Manual for Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) in the Asia/Pacific Region First Edition – 2002


Asia/Pacific Framework for Collaborative ATFM

Version 3, August 2017
Regional ATFM Concept of Operations Version 1, September 2015
Regional ATFM Monitoring and Reporting Form (MS Excel)


Regional ATM Contingency Plan

Version 2, September 2017
ATM Contingency Plan Monitoring and Reporting Form (MS Excel)


Asia/Pacific Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)  Transition Strategy


Operational Authorizations Guidance for PBCS 

Survey of the Implementation Status of Performance-Based Horizontal Separation Minima (MS Word)

 PBCS Action List for ANSPs
Data Link Performance Data Reporting Template (MS Word)

New Data Link Performance Analysis Reporting Template #1 – ANSP Reports to FIT

Example NEW Data Link Performance Analysis Report #1 – ANSP Reports to FIT
PBCS Non-Compliance Report Form Template – ANSP Reporting to RMA

New Data Link Performance Reporting Template #2 – Aggregated Regional Data Reports to RASMAG

Example PBCS Non-Compliance Report Form Template  – ANSP Reporting to RMA
PBCS PfA Doc 7030 MID-Asia Template  (MS Word)

PBCS PfA Doc 7030 PAC Template (MS Word)

Data Link Implementation Strategy ​11 September 2014
Guidance Material for the Asia/Pacific Region for ADS/CPDLC/AIDC Ground Systems Procurement and Implementation
Version 2, May 2008

FPL and ATS Messages

Asia/Pacific Guidance Material for the Implementation of Amendment 1 to the 15th Edition of the Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Air Traffic Management (PANS-ATM, Doc 4444)

Version 5 - 14 September 2012
​​Survey on State Readiness for Alphanumeric Aircraft Identification (MS Word)

Asia/Pacific Region Alphanumeric Call sign Project Phase 2

Safety Monitoring

Survey: Airspace Safety Reporting (MS Word)
Asia/Pacific Regional Statement RVSM Global Long Term Height Monitoring Requirements effective from November 2010 Version 1.0 - August 2012
Asia/Pacific Region EN-Route Monitoring Agency (EMA) HandbookVersion 2, August 2010
Guidance Material for End-to-End Safety and Performance Monitoring
of Air Traffic Service (ATS) Datalink systems in the Asia/Pacific Region
Version 4.0, February 2011

Seamless ATM Plan

Asia/Pacific Seamless ATM Plan

Version 2.0, September 2016
Seamless ATM Implementation Guidance                Version 5.0, September 2016
State Seamless ATM Implementation Plan Template - (MS Word) Version 3
Seamless ATM Reporting

Search and Rescue

Asia/Pacific Search and Rescue (SAR) Plan

Version 2, September 2016



Common Aeronautical VPN (CRV) Implementation Plan

Version 1.0 - 20 April 2018

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Analog Interface Control Document for the Asia-Pacific Common Aeronautical Virtual Private Network

Version 1.0 - April 2018 

ATS Inter-Facility Data Communication (AIDC) Implementation and Operations Guidance Document  


Version 1.0 - July 2017

List of Focal Point for AIDC Implementation

​March 2016
Asia/Pacific ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) Naming Plan

Fourth Edition, May 2015

ASIA/PAC Technical Specification of the Air Traffic Services Message Handling System (AMHS) Version 1.0 - September 2011
Recommendations of AIDC Implementation

September 2015

Pan Regional (NAT and APAC) Interface Control Document forATS Interfacility Data Communications (PAN AIDC ICD)​Version 1.0, September 2014
Strategy for Implementation of Communication Systems to Support Air Navigation Service in the Asia/Pacific Region        ​Adopted by APANPIRG/28 - September 2017
Asia/Pacific Regional Interface Control Document (ICD) for ATS Interfacility Data Communications (AIDC)​Version 3.0, 7 September 2007

Asia/Pacific Regional Interface Control Document (ICD) for X.25
Protocol for AFTN

Issue 1, September 1996

Asia/Pacific Regional Interface Control Document for ATS Digital Speech Signalling System

Issue 1, September 1997

AFTN Routing Directory, Asia and Pacific Regions

Twenty-seventh Edition, August 2007
Asia/Pacific Regional Guidance Material for the Use of the Public Internet for the AFTN Version 1.0, August 2003 


Aeronautical Mobile Service (AMS) Strategy for the ASIA/PAC RegionAdopted by APANPIRG/24, June 2013
Interface Control Document for ATN IPS (IPv4) RouterVersion 1.1
Adopted by APANPIRG/24
- June 2013
1st edition of Satellite Voice (SATVOICE) Guidance Material (SVGM)Version 1.0 - September 2011
High Frequency Management Guidance material for the South Pacific RegionVesion 1.0 - Adopted by APANPIRG/21, September 2010
Strategy for Implementation of the Air-ground Data Link in Asia/Pacific Regional August 2005



GBAS Ionospheric Threat Model for APAC Region          

Adopted by APANPIRG/27, September 2016
Asia/Pacific Regional Performance-Based Navigation Implementation Plan​Version 4, June 2013
Adopted by APANPIRG/24

Guidance Material on Collection of Ionospheric Scintillation data

Version 1.2 Adopted by ISTF/3
SCINtillation and TEC Exchange Format (Version 0.2)  
ASIA/PAC Checklist for Introduction of GNSS based operationsAPANPIRG 12, August 2001
Catalogue of Asia and Pacific Flight Inspection and Flight Validation Service Providers  Tenth Edition – July 2018

GBAS Safety Assessment Guidance Related to Anomalous Ionospheric Conditions

​Edition 1.0 July 2016, Adopted by APANPIRG/27
SBAS Safety Assessment Guidance Related to Anomalous Ionospheric Conditions​Edition 1.0 July 2016, Adopted by APANPIRG/27
PBN Pre-implementation Checklist for Preparation of PBN Procedure Implementation Safety AssessmentSeptember 2015
Record Template on Identification, Analysis and Mitigation of Hazard September 2015
Revised Navigation Strategy for the Asia/Pacific RegionAdopted by APANPIRG/27 - September 2016


Guidance Material on Generation , Processing & Sharing of ASTERIX Category 21 ADS-B Messages
Adopted by APANPIRG/23 - September 2012
Guidance Material on Advice to Military Authorities regarding ADS-B SharingAdopted by APANPIRG/23 - September 2012
Guidance Material on Building a Safety Case for Delivery of an ADS-B Separation ServiceVersion 1.0 - Adopted by APANPIRG/22 - September 2011
ADS-B Implementation and Operations Guidance Document (AIGD)Edition 11.0, July 2018
Baseline ADS-B Service Performance ParametersSecond Edition, September 2003             
Multilateration (MLAT) Concept of UseEdition 1.0 – September 2007
Regional Supplement to the ASTERIX Interface Control Dodument (ICD) for the ASIA/PAC RegionSecond Edition, September 2003
Revised Guidelines for Development of ADS-B Implementation Plan
ADS-B Avionics Equipage​Adopted by APANPIRG/26 in September 2015 through Conclusion 26/43
Guidance Material on Comparison of Surveillance Technologies (GMST)​​​Edition 1.0 – September 2007
Guidance Material on Reporting Probability of ADS-B Update​Adopted by APANPIRG/19 September 2008
​​Guidance Material on Reporting ADS-B Avionics Fitment​Adopted by APANPIRG/19 – September 2008
​​Guidance Material on Issues to be considered in ATC Multi-sensor
Fusion Processing including the Integration of ADS-B Data
​Adopted by APANPIRG/19 – September 2008
Revised Sample Agreement for Data Sharing (MS Word format)​Edition 2.0 - Adopted by APANPIRG/22 - September 2011
Revised Surveillance Strategy for the APAC Region​​Adopted by APANPIRG/27 - September 2016
The Planning Criteria for SSR Mode S Interrogator Identifier (II)
codes adopted by APANPIRG/20

September 2009

More CNS Documents (RO_APAC Portal)



Guidance on the Implementation and Use of Back up Frequencies

September 2015

Template to justify the use of back-up frequencies (MS Word)

September 2015
Guidance on Strategic Planning and Tactical Use of VHF Frequencies in the APAC Region
September 2015
List of Designated Contact Persons Responsible for Preparation of World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-2019)April 2018



Regional guidelines for operational SIGMET coordination – WORKING DRAFT



Regional guidance for tailored MET to support ATM – WORKING DRAFT
Guidelines for the Implementation of OPMET DATA Exchange Using IWXXM ​Version 1.0
SIGMET Pamphlet (WC)
November 2016
SIGMET Pamphlet (WS)November 2016
​SIGMET Pamphlet (WV)​November 2016
28 November 2017
​​Volcanic Ash Exercise Directive – APAC VOLCEX 18/02​​September 2018
WIFS accounts and approvingOfficials - APAC​May 2015
APANPIRG World Area Forecast System (WAFS) – Service Reference
Version2.1 – August 2012
Twelfth Edition 2004(Amended 07 September 2017)
Sixth Edition – May 2017
Third Edition – 2004(Amended
06 July 2017)
​APAC Regional guidance on aerodrome warnings for tsunami​September 2016



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