Infrastructure Management

​Panel Session on “Airlines, airports and air traffic control:
Serving the ever-growing demand for international traffic” 
International Transport Forum 2015 Summit


The objective of the infrastructure management programme is to enhance and promote sustainable development of aviation infrastructure for the provision and operation of airports and air navigation services. The programme offers solutions to:


    • improve organizational and managerial capability of providers; 
    • reduce the financing burden on governments;
    • protect user’s interests;
    • allow early benefits of new technologies; and
    • facilitate access to funding for long-term investment needs.

ICAO has developed various policies and guidance on user charges to recover the costs of providing airports and air navigation facilities and services from users.

  1. ICAO Policies on User Charges 
  2. Airport Economics
  3. Air Navigation Services Economics 
  4. Environmental Levies 
  5. GANP
  6. GNSS Cost Allocation
  7. Financing of Aviation System  
  8. Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
  9. Commercialization and Privatization
  10. ASBU Implementation

​These policies and guidance also address issues concerning how to design incentives for providers and users to reach cooperative agreements and to finance the modernization of the aviation system while obtaining the optimal effects of commercialization or privatization of aviation infrastructure.
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