ICAO New Flight Plan Format Study Group (INFPL STG)
Fifth Meeting
(Cairo, Egypt, 3 - 5 September 2012)




​WP No.




​Title ​Language
​WP/1 1​ Adoption of Provisional Agenda ​
WP/2​ 2​

Review of MIDANPIRG/13 and other meetings Conclusions and Decisions related to INFPL​


​WP/3 2​

Review of AFI Fourth Meeting of the Flight Plan Transition Task Force (FPLT TF/4) and FCMWs


​WP/4 3​

Update on FPL Information Tracking System (FITS)​


​WP/5 ​3

Status of INFPL implementation in MID Region​ and Strategic Support Team


​WP/6 ​4

Guidance for Indicating CNS Capabilities in the INFPL


​WP/7 ​4

Strategy for the implementation of INFPL in the MID Region


​WP/8 ​5

Future Work Programme​


​WP/9 ​3

​Status of INFPL Implementation in Bahrain


​WP/10 ​3

​INFPL Implementation Testing Status in Sultanate of Oman


​WP/11 ​3

​Modification of Document 8643  (Aircraft Type Designators)


​WP/12 ​3

​Preparations and Readiness for Applicability Date





​IP No.



​Title ​Language
​IP/1 -​ List of Working and Information Papers
IP/2​ - Daily Order of Business and Work Programme
​IP/3 3​ INFPL Implementation Status
​IP/4 3​ INFPL Implementation Status



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