MIDANPIRG Communication Navigation and Surveillance Sub-Group (CNS SG/4) Cairo, Egypt, 25 - 27 September 2011





​WP No. ​Agenda Item ​Title
​WP/01 1​ Provisional Agenda and Explanatory Notes​
​WP/02 2​
Review of MIDANPIRG/12, and other Meetings Conclusion and Decision Relevant
to CNS Field​
WP/03​ 3​ Review ATN/IPS Working Group Report​
​WP/04 3​ Establishment of the MID ATSMessage Management Center (AMC)​
​WP/05 ​4 Review and Update of AFTN/CIDIN Directory​
WP/06​ 4 Updating of MID Basic ANP and FASID​
​WP/07 5​ Mode S IC Code Allocation Issues in the MID Region​
​WP/08 ​5 Supporting ICAO Position to WRC 12​
​WP/09 ​5 ​Outcome of MID Surveillance Workshop and Other Surveillance Issues
​WP/10 ​5 Supporting ICAO Position to WRC 12​
​WP/11 ​5 ICAO New Flight Plan Format (INFPL)​
WP/12​ ​6
​Review and Update the List of Identified Air navigation Deficiencies in the CNS Field
for the MID Region
​WP/13 7​ Review and Update MID Region Performance Objectives Relevant to CNS​
​WP/14 ​8 Future Work Programme​






​IP No. ​Agenda Item Title​
​IP/01 -​ List of Working and Information Papers​
​IP/02 -​ Daily Order of Business and Work Programme​
IP/03​ 5​ Outcome of Navigation Systems Panel (NSP) Meetings​ ​​
IP/04​ 5​ Proposal for Amendment to Annex 10​
IP/05​ ​5
Global Air Navigation Industry Symposium and Twelfth Air Navigation Conference



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