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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) created this website to help Members assess their needs for training. It is therefore intended for organizations dedicated to air transportation within ICAO Member States that want to confirm how training can help address job performance issues.


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This website was created to guide users through the process of assessing their needs for training. It reflects a proven approach to Training Needs Analysis (TNA) that has been validated through practical field work.


The website represents the first phase of development of the web-based TNA application and consists of a series of pages that reflect the steps of the TNA process, with forms to gather information and enter data at each step. It requires direct user involvement to find and enter relevant information and cannot alone identify training needs.


Using the website

The website is designed for initiating and updating a TNA by directly participating in the TNA process of identifying  the performance problem, conducting a job task analysis, gathering the data, analyzing it and generating a report with recommendations for training to solve the problem.  Users must identify one or more individuals who will become familiar with this website and the TNA process, and lead efforts locally to complete it.


TNA is about identifying gaps in performance and their causes and therefore requires finding out what works and doesn't work in an organization. This is achieved by gathering data about people and activities that can be mined for information about performance. Because poor data leads to poor information, and therefore to poor decisions about problems and solutions, finding and sharing relevant and accurate data is a second essential condition for success.


Through this web-based application, ICAO wishes to support the process of confirming training needs and therefore improve training in aviation. It also wishes to track the progression of training nationally,  regionally and globally to better target its efforts to assist Members. Website users therefore agree that ICAO may accumulate and summarize the results of various TNA into more global reports that show this progression.


Resources and Effort

Each TNA project should address a single and well-defined problem. While more than one job can be investigated during the same TNA, it is recommended to only investigate one job at a time to avoid confusion.  Users can conduct more than one TNA with the same account.


To complete the TNA, users may need to,


  • Manage a project
  • Locate and review relevant information
  • Locate or develop a Job Task Analysis (JTA)
  • Prepare and use different methods to gather data (interviews, surveys, etc)
  • Review the data and extract essential information
  • ​Present and discuss results with managers and stakeholders


Given these tasks, it is often better to work as a team to complete a TNA rather than relying on a single individual. Team members should be selected for their ability to contribute either information, experience or expertise, and be available to participate. The amount of time to complete a TNA depends on the problem investigated. While some TNA may be done in days, most require a few weeks of effort. Plans to conduct TNA should therefore allow enough time for all activities.​



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