Comprehensive Work

​​​​​​​​Seeing the Bigger Picture… and Impacting It for the Better.​

​​​Antonov.pngThe swift growth of air cargo around the world, if managed properly, will benefit businesses, consumers and end-users by supporting a robust, global supply chain. E-commerce especially has increased business opportunities for buyers and sellers in both developing and mature markets. 

These efforts consist of stakeholder engagement in the development of guidance material to promote among Member States an economic regulatory framework that will facilitate market growth along with important Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) to facilitate safe, secure, and efficient air cargo operations.

This active collaboration fosters internal awareness among staff focused on different aspects of air cargo of the multitude of activities their colleagues are undertaking, as well as helps to ensure consistency with ICAO's high-level, organizational strategic objectives.


Ultimately, through communication and collaboration, ICAO staff can see and understand the bigger picture of air cargo and, therefore, be resposive to Member State needs in this dynamic environment.


In addition to its Economic Development mission, ICAO air cargo activities support Member States' needs in: 


Cargo Safety - Air cargo transports routinely and regularly dangerous goods all over the world. To guide States on how to ensure these goods do not put an aircraft and its occupants at risk, ICAO developed Annex 18, which deals with the "Safe Transport of Dangerous Good by Air". In general, it sets down broad principals, but one of the standards requires that dangerous goods are carried in accordance with the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (the "Technical Instructions").


Cargo Security​ - Persons with malicious intents may attempt to transport explosive devices in air cargo. ICAO's Annex 17 – Security  sets out standards and recommended practices (SARPs) to prevent so-called acts of unlawful interference, thereby protecting passengers, crew, ground personnel and the general public. This Annex is supplemented by the ICAO Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973 – Restricted), providing guidance to Member States on how relevant SARPs can be implemented.​


Cargo Facilitation - Facilitation of landside formalities for clearance of aircraft and passengers, goods and mail, with respect to the requirements of customs, immigration, public health and quarantine authorities are elements of Annex 9—Facilitation  to the Chicago Convention.


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