What does an exporting State need to know?

For the purpose of registration of aircraft in another State, the Exporting State needs to de-register the aircraft. If the exporting State is a party of the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment, concluded on 16 November 2011 in Cape Town, and the Protocol on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment, and there is any Irrevocable De-registration and Export Request Authorisation (IDERA) or Certificate Designee Confirmation Letter (CDCL) associated with the aircraft, the applicant must either be the authorised party for the IDERA or certified designee for CDCL otherwise the IDERA or CDCL must be cancelled before the aircraft is deregistered.


In addition, the Exporting State will need to provide a statement describing the make, model, serial number and stating that the aircraft has been de-registered or has never been registered in the State in the case of a new production aircraft. The Exporting State may also provide evidence of de-activation of the Mode S transponder code.


Also, the original certificate of registration, certificate of airworthiness, noise certificate, flight manual acceptance will need to be voided. The identification plate and registration marks need to be removed.


Furthermore, the Exporting State may issue an Export Certificate of Airworthiness to facilitate the transfer of aircraft into the register of another State. The procedure for the issuance of an Export Certificate of Airworthiness can be found in the Airworthiness Manual (Doc 9760).


Depending on the location and registration of the aircraft, the Exporting State may need to issue a non-revenue special flight approval/authorisation/permit if the Certificate of Airworthiness is no longer valid.

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