Medical Certificate Alleviation

1.    Medical certification 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when the medical certification expires, the Civil Aviation Authority may, in accordance with its exemption process, extend the validity of medical certification for a certain period based on the risk assessment process. 
The possibility, practical application and another consequences of extension of aircrew medical certification needs to be considered, taking into account the availability of AME’s and regulatory authorizations in a coordinated manner so as to prevent adverse effects on aircrew, ensure continuation of essential services,  avoid disruption in non-essential services, avoid other potential implications to air transport and to enable a relative quick and seamless return to normal operations, without any controversial or negative long-term implications to the medical examination process. 

2. Quick Reference Guidance (QRG)

ICAO has developed and published a Quick Reference Guidance (QRG) that aims to provide States and Aviation Industries guidance of medical certificate validity extension.

3.     State practices on medical certificate exemptions


200330 FAA-2020-0318 A4A medical exemption 18516.pdf
Airman Medical Certificate Policy.pdf
​Saudi Arabia
​South Africa
United Kingdom
COVID flow chart draft pdf 27th march.pdf

Guidance for the Risk Assessment of the conduct of AME medical examinations.pdf

UK exemptions page

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