Fourteenth Air Navigation Conference (AN-CONF/14)

Fourteenth Air Navigation Conference (AN-CONF/14)

26 August 2024 - 6 September 2024
Montréal , CANADA
ICAO HQ,999 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard
Registration Open


About ICAO Fourteenth Air Navigation Conference




With the theme “Performance Improvement Driving Sustainability”, the objective of the Conference is to reach a global consensus on performance improvement initiatives that will best allow ICAO, Member States and industry to address, in the context of constrained resources, aviation’s global environmental challenges and the rapid evolution in aviation operations and technologies.




The Conference will be open to all Member States. Attendance by senior officials in a decision-making capacity, accompanied by high-level technical advisors on air navigation and safety, is essential to achieve the stated outcomes of the Conference. Representatives from non-Member States and international organizations, as invited by the Council, may participate in the meeting with observer status. Member States and international organizations are encouraged to consider involving non-traditional innovators in aviation, in the preparation for the Conference.




The Conference will be conducted in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, and will meet as one plenary session to provide experts with the opportunity to consider inter-related safety and air navigation elements together. Furthermore, information sessions will be held on 26 August 2024 to facilitate the conduct of the Conference and support focused discussion on the subjects presented for consideration by the Conference.




The Conference will provide an opportunity for detailed technical discussions which are expected to lead to agreement on a set of high-level recommendations in the field of air navigation and safety. These recommendations will be submitted for approval to the Council and, when applicable, for subsequent endorsement by the 42nd Session of the Assembly in 2025.


AN-Conf/14 is a necessary building block between the 41st and 42nd Sessions of the Assembly. It provides a forum to: describe the work that is already prioritized and underway in the ICAO 2023-2025 Business Plan; understand new priorities for ICAO’s future work; and offer timely direction to the Organization as it prepares to present a Business Plan to the 42nd Session of the Assembly in 2025 that sets out a reprioritized work programme and the related resources required. Given the dominant nature of aviation’s environmental challenge, and the need to agree to safety and air navigation strategic plans that build on the related agreements reached at the 41st Session of the Assembly, the Conference is intended to call for an intentional refocusing of effort so that priority can be given to existing or new technical activities that best support the achievement of the long-term aspirational goal for international aviation (LTAG) of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and of other priority focus areas where ICAO activity is essential in order to secure an aviation system that continues to be safe and efficient, with improved resilience.

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