ICAO Regional Safety Management Symposium and Workshop - The Journey to Achieving Effective Safety Management: ESAF and WACAF Regions

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​Onsite registration: 22 May from 0730 to 1100 hours.


Join us in exploring the Journey to Achieving Effective Safety Management at the ICAO Regional Safety Management Symposium and Workshop for the Eastern and Southern African Region, and the Western and Central African Region, which will be convened at the Kigali Convention Centre from 22 to 25 May 2018.


The symposium, hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Rwanda, will provide a unique information-sharing opportunity for aviation professionals involved in safety management activities.


The main objectives of the symposium are to:


​Provide participants with insight on how to:

implement an effective State safety programme (SSP); and

conduct the oversight of its service providers’ safety management systems (SMS).

​Provide a forum for participants to share information on:

the overall benefits of safety management and how safety management can contribute to the future air transportation system; and

the ​current challenges in safety management faced by the international aviation community.


Following the symposium, a workshop will be provided to States and industry from 24 to 25 May, and will focus on the more practical aspects of safety management implementation.  


Please refer to the Safety Management website for other regional safety management events.

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