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Presentations and Biographies

​​Panel 1 - Benefits and challenges of safety management

Moderator: Catalin RADU, Deputy Director, Aviation Safety, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO (biography)

  • Levers MABASO, Acting Chief Director, Civil Aviation Safety, Security, Environment and Search and Rescue, Department of Transport, South Africa and Chairperson RASG-AFI (biography)
  • James DANGA, Safety Expert, AFCAC (biography)
  • Ali TOUNSI, Secretary General, ACI Africa (biography)
  • Blessing KAVAI, Assistant Director Africa, Safety & Flight Operations, IATA (biography)
  • Boni DIBATE, Director Africa Affairs, CANSO


Panel 2 - Safety management competencies

Moderator:  Barry KASHAMBO, Regional Director, ESAF Office, ICAO

  • Englebert ZOA ETUNDI, Permanent Representative of Cameroon to ICAO (biography) 
  • Liam BYRNE, Senior Manager International Development, CAA, United Kingdom
  • Emile ARAO, Acting Executive Director, EAC-CASSOA (biography)
  • Mugambi G. K. M'NCHEBERE, Director, East Africa School for Aviation (EASA)


Panel 3 - Safety promotion

Moderator:  Mam Sait JALLOW, Regional Director, WACAF Office, ICAO


Panel 4 - The protection of safety data, safety information and related sources

Moderator: Tatiana PAK, Secretary of the ICAO Safety Information Protection Expert Group, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO (biography)

  • Ericksson NENGOLA, Director of Aircraft Accident Investigation, Ministry of Works and Transport, Namibia (biography, presentation)


Panel 5 - Scalability

Moderator: Elizabeth GNEHM, Programme Coordinator, Safety Management, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO (biography)

  • Kayode AJIBOYE, General Manager, Airworthiness Standards, CAA, Nigeria (biography)
  • Liam BYRNE, Senior Manager, International Development, CAA, United Kingdom
  • Kabbs TWIJUKE, Member of the Air Navigation Commission, ICAO
  • Ellaine Priscilla SAMSON, Acting Managing Director, Air Namibia (biography)


Panel 6 - Interface management

Moderator:  Maimuna TAAL NDURE, Secretary of the Airworthiness Panel and Technical Officer,​ Air Navigation Bureau​​, ICAO (biography)

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