Captain Denis GUINDON
Acting EUR/NAT Regional Director 

Captain Denis GUINDON
Acting EUR/NAT Regional Director 


Welcome to the European and North Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Office of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The EUR/NAT Office, located in Paris, promotes and monitors the implementation of ICAO’s international aviation Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in 56 Member States of ICAO (out of 193) to which it is accredited. In addition, upon States’ request, this Office also provides training and technical guidance for the effective implementation of ICAO SARPs, the global regulatory reference to ensure a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly aviation activities across the nine ICAO Aviation Regions, including Europe and North Atlantic.


With a geographical area of responsibility stretching from the North Pole to the Sahara and from the Eastern Coast of North America to the Bering Strait (i.e. across 14 time zones), the EUR/NAT Office is faced with a wide variety of geopolitical diversity, airspace features and operational challenges. Nevertheless, thanks to the outstanding contributions from States, International and Regional Organizations, Airlines, Airports, Air Navigation Service Providers, Aviation Manufacturers and other important aviation stakeholders, the EUR/NAT Office is able to serve as the regional safety and security forum where harmonized and timely aviation planning and implementation are discussed and  agreed upon for both the North Atlantic and European Regions of ICAO.


The EUR/NAT Office is open. We advise our visitors to register in advance at icaoeurnat@icao.int or by phone: +33 1 46 41 85 85.

From 15 September 2021,  to access the ICAO EUR/NAT Office,  you shall be required to present a proof of health: vaccination certificate;  negative PCR or antigenic test result; or proof of COVID recovery. 
In the absence of any proof of health, access to the Office shall be denied. 
  • If you are presenting any symptoms of COVID-19 infection, please do not come to the Office. Instead use the remote connection provided to participate at meetings. 
  • Wear face masks inside the building at all times
  • Maintain a distance of 2 m in the meeting rooms and in the corridors with other participants
  • Frequently wash your hands and use sanitizers readily available in meeting rooms and corridors 
  • Catering is reduced to a strict minimum during the meetings

Meeting participants are invited to regularly check the EUR/NAT website or meeting portal for the latest updates.

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