ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation

The main objective of the ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation is to promote sustainable international aviation.

The ICAO Global Coalition is forum of stakeholders which aims at facilitating the development of new ideas and accelerate the implementation of innovative solutions that will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions at source, on the ground or in the sky. In addition, the Coalition may be able to provide important input to make further progress in the development and implementation of the basket of measures, as well as for the exploration of a long-term environmental objective for international aviation

Contact us if you are interested in joining the Coalition (stocktaking@icao.int, or fill in the online form). 


The ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation includes stakeholders working on innovations and breakthroughs on aviation Technology, Operations and Infrastructure, and Sustainable Aviation Fuels, together with the CORSIA as the complementary measure to achieve the environmental objective.

Each of the three focus area of the coalition firstly aims to raise awareness of the continuing progress made towards in-sector CO2 emissions reduction from international aviation, building on existing leaderships and champions, as well as strengthen existing partnerships and innovations. 

Innovation Driving Sustainable Aviation

This publication, launched during COP26, provides an overview of the innovations presented    during    the    2021    ICAO    Stocktaking    on technology,  operations,  fuels,  and  initiatives  to  enable sustainable  aviation.  

It  also  contains  the latest updates on sustainable aviation initiatives received from the Coalition Partners.

We hope you enjoy this First Edition of Innovation Driving Sustainable Aviation. 

Coalition Partners

The coalition participation targets actors within and beyond the aviation sector, seeking the highest possible multiplier effect for the results to be collectively achieved. New emerging solutions and technologies will require new partners, for example from the renewable energy, battery and agriculture sectors.

Many aviation stakeholders pursuing sustainable aviation under three main streams: Technology, Operations and Sustainable Aviation Fuels are joining the Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation. The full list of Coalition Partners is available from this link, where you can find out more information about the initiatives from these trendsetters in sustainable aviation. 

CO2 emissions reduction initiatives tracker

In order to demonstrate the membership potential for the Coalition, and to provide a constant update on in-sector aviation CO2 emissions reduction initiatives, as part of the Coalition, the ICAO aviation CO2 emissions reduction initiatives tracker tool provides a variety of information related to initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of aviation, including details on past and ongoing measures and initiatives.

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