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Indonesian Aviation Biofuels and Renewable Energy Task Force (ABRETF)


Indonesia’s ABRETF was established as one of supporting elements in executing Indonesia’s National Action Plan to reduce GHG emission from the aviation sector. ABRETF aims to reduce these emissions through utilization of sustainable alternative fuels and renewable energy. The mid-term goal is to reinforce Indonesian utilization of bio-jet fuel by 2018.


Value-chain step
Full value-chain

Type of pathway
Short-term: HEFA Mid-term: All

Starting time and duration
August 2014 -

Government, Feedstock producers, Oil companies, Airlines, Aviation Association, Airports,Universities

Regional scope

Involved countries


In December 2013 an MOU was signed between the Ministry of Transportation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Directorate General of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation – EBTKE) to pursue the use of aviation biofuels and renewable energy at airports. 

In August 2014 the Aviation Biofuels and Renewable Energy Task Force (ABRETF) was created.  This group consists of four Sub Task Forces working on: formulation of policy, regulation and capacity building program; research and development; testing and certification; commercial, risk analysis and sustainability.

Since October 2014, the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau has supported Indonesia ABRETF through the MSA Annex 5 INS13801 project.

Based on the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Decree No. 25 Year 2013, the use of bio-jet fuel has been mandated on a national level.  This requires 2% bio jet fuel blending in 2016, 3% by 2020, and 5% by 2025.  Due to national circumstances, the Task Force identified that the 2016 goal will not be achieved. However, Indonesia oil producer has shown their commitment to start production by late 2018, with a production capacity of 257,000 kl/year. 

Aviation Biofuels and Renewable Energy Task-Force (ABRETF):  Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Finance, National Development Planning Agency,  Angkasa-Pura (airport operator), AirNav, Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia AirAsia, IATA, Indonesian National Air Carriers Association (INACA), Pertamina, UOP Honeywell, APROBI, Bandung Institute of Technology, University of Indonesia, Padjadjaran University, Ikatan Ahli Bioenergi Indonesia (IKABI)​

Achievements to date

August 2014 : Establishment of Indonesia ABRETF

August 2014 : 1st ABRETF workshop “Indonesia Initiatives on Energy Farming & Sustainable Aviation Biofuels and the ISPO/RSPO Standard”

August 2014 : ABRETF Secretariat office at Pertamina building is ready to used

October 2014 : Start of ICAO TCB support program

December 2014 : Kick-off meeting regarding standardization of aviation biofuels

January 2015 : Indonesia’s national oil company and its partners completed a feasibility study

August 2015 : Indonesia ABRETF, in collaboration with national stakeholders, held the 2nd International Green Aviation Conference in Denpasar 

October 2015: Indonesia’s DGCA and the U.S. FAA signed an MOU to promote the use of sustainable alternative aviation fuels and additional environmental collaboration between the two countries

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