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Green Sky London


The Green Sky London project aims at building a first of a kind biofuel plant in London, which will convert municipal waste into biofuels for use in British Airways flights from London airports.



Value-chain step
Fuel production

Type of pathway
Fischer-Tropsch waste-to-liquid

Starting time and duration
2010 - 2016

Airline, fuel producer

Regional scope

Involved countries
United Kingdom


Green Sky London is a joint project from British Airways and Solena to build a biofuel production plant combining plasma gasification and Fischer-Tropsch technology to convert municipal waste in liquid fuels.
The plant, based near London, will use the city’s abundant source of waste and will also be located close to the point of consumption. It is designed to annually convert approximately 500,000 tonnes of waste normally destined for landfill into 50,000 tonnes of jet fuel, 50,000 tonnes of biodiesel and bionaphtha and additional power.
The business case for the project is driven around carbon pricing (EU ETS) and landfill taxes (up to $100 per ton). British Airways is committed to purchasing, at “market competitive” prices, the anticipated 50,000 tonnes of jet fuel produced annually by the GreenSky plant for the next 10 years, a financial commitment of $500m at today’s fuel prices.
Completion of the fuel production facility is expected in 2017.

As of January 2016, this project has been put on hold.


British Airways, Solena

Achievements to date

GreenSky London has now signed an exclusive option on a site for the facility and consent work for the site has begun. Barclays has been appointed as advisor to explore the optimal funding through export credit agencies and the consortium providing the facility’s key technology functions has also been announced:
  • Solena Fuels Corporation will provide the gasification process and the overall Integrated Biomass to Liquid;
  • Oxford Catalysts Group/Velocys will supply the Fisher-Tropsch (FT) reactors and catalyst;
  • Fluor provides the engineering and design.


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