My Aviation Photo-Story Contest

​Aviation touches millions of people’s lives and in millions of ways. It brings loved ones together. It creates new business opportunities. It’s a bridge across cultures and borders, and it takes all of us to places we could never go to otherwise.


To celebrate aviation’s unique role, the International Civil Aviation Organization is inviting you to participate in a very special contest by sharing your personal aviation story. We want to hear about those special moments where flight has supported your hopes and aspirations.


We’re asking for a photo and a backstory of no more than 200 words to be submitted before 30 October 2018 by email to In return, we’re offering the following prizes:


  • 1 X US$2,500 grand prize
  • 2 X US$500 honourable mention awards for two additional contestants
  • Free exposure (with prominent credit) for many other contestants on ICAO’s social media feeds or in its global campaigns and publications.


So open your photo albums and take out your camera! Reminisce with family and friends and then put pen to paper. It’s about using your talent and imagination to highlight the amazing contributions of air travel and transport!


Entry Ideas:


  • An amazing destination you visited that air travel helped you to access.
  • A reunion with friends or loved ones which a flight helped to make happen.
  • A portrait of someone you know earning their living in an aviation-related job.
  • Women and young people finding new career opportunities in aviation.
  • Perishable flowers or food which you could only have acquired and enjoyed because a flight brought them to your city.
  • A new business arrangement or relationship made possible due to aviation connecting you to the world.
  • A pilot or flight attendant whose actions saved the life of someone you care about.
  • An incredible moment or event that air travel was essential to making happen.


This is by no means intended as exhaustive, and prospective contestants are highly encouraged to pursue any associated topics suitable to realizing their best possible submission.


We’re really excited to review your submissions, and thanks in advance for helping us to raise global awareness on the incredible contributions of air travel to modern society.


Please be sure to review the Contest Guidelines to ensure your eligibility and all other requirements.


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