The ICAO Assembly


Per the Chicago Convention, Assemblies of all of its States Parties are to meet not less than once every three years, as convened by the ICAO Council.


At these major triennial diplomatic events, delegations from up to 193 countries review and adopt the work programme priorities and budget for ICAO, establish public sector policies and targets for international air transport, and endorse the strategic global planning developed by the ICAO Secretariat, among other actions and decisions.


Industry and civil society groups, in addition to various regional and international organizations, also participate in these events, and ICAO’s work, in their capacity as ‘Invited Organizations’.


When required, extraordinary Assembly sessions can also be convened. This occurs at the discretion of the ICAO Council, or upon a request to ICAO’s Secretary General from not less than one-fifth of the Convention’s contracting States.


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