The Move to a USAP-CMA


In order to prepare for the completion of the second cycle of Universal Security Audit Programme (USAP) audits in 2013, the 37th Session of the ICAO Assembly (Resolution A37-17, Appendix E refers) requested the ICAO Council to assess the feasibility of extending the Continuous Monitoring Approach (CMA) being applied by the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) to the USAP after the conclusion of the second cycle of audits. Accordingly, the 187th Session of the Council directed the Secretary General to study the feasibility of applying a CMA to the USAP.

In 2012, the Secretariat examined the options for the future of the USAP, including the feasibility of adopting a CMA and it recommended that the Programme move towards a CMA, specific to aviation security, while incorporating risk-management elements. This recommendation was endorsed by the Twenty-third Meeting of the Aviation Security Panel. The 2012 High-Level Conference on Aviation Security expressed strong support for the concept and the implementation of a transition period.

The 197th Session of the Council was presented with information regarding the proposed methodology for the USAP-CMA. It was also presented with a suggested transition plan, including timelines, with the objective of full implementation of the USAP‑CMA beginning in 2015. The Council formally approved the USAP-CMA and the transition plan. This decision was later endorsed by the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly.


Full implementation of the USAP-CMA began on 1 January 2015.




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