​The GASeP addresses the needs of States and industry in guiding all aviation security enhancement efforts through a set of internationally agreed priority actions, tasks and targets.

​Objective of the GASeP

​The objective of the GASeP is to help ICAO, States and stakeholders enhance the effectiveness of global aviation security. The GASeP seeks to unite the international aviation security community and inspire action in this direction, taking into account that the threats and risks faced by the civil aviation community continue to evolve. It is also intended to achieve the shared and common goal of enhancing aviation security worldwide and to help States come together to fulfil the commitments set out in UNSCR 2309 (2016) and relevant ICAO Assembly Resolutions.

​GASeP Priorities

The GASeP provides the foundation for States, industry, stakeholders and ICAO to work together with the shared and common goal of achieving five key priority outcomes:

1) ​enhance risk awareness and response;
2) ​develop security culture and human capability;
3) ​improve technological resources and innovation;
4) ​improve oversight and quality assurance; and,
5) ​increase cooperation and support.


Global Aviation Security Roadmap

The GASeP Roadmap outlines 94 tasks, accompanying 32 actions under the 5 key priority outcomes, which set out objectives until the 40th Session of the ICAO Assembly in 2019. A set of indicators and target dates also accompanies each individual task. This Roadmap is a “living” document and shall be periodically reviewed and adjusted as necessary, taking into account new and emerging aviation security threats.


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