Technical Advisory Group on the Traveller Identification Programme (TAG/TRIP)

The ICAO Technical Advisory Group on the Traveller Identification Programme (TAG/TRIP) was originally established as the TAG/MRTD in 1986. Following the adoption of the new ICAO TRIP Strategy at the 38th Assembly in 2013, the scope of TAG was broadened to embrace all aspects of air traveller identification management (evidence of identity, MRTDs, document issuance and control, inspection systems and tools, and interoperable applications).

The main objective of TAG is to advise and support the ICAO Secretariat in the task of developing policy, recommendations and proposals for the implementation of the ICAO TRIP Strategy, including the development and maintenance of MRTD standards and specifications. The Advisory Group is appointed by the ICAO Secretary General and consists of government and private sector experts working in the TRIP field.

Member States and select international organizations nominate qualified and experienced experts to become TAG/TRIP Members and Observers. Expertise across all aspects of the TRIP Strategy is sought. As such, nominees are drawn from national civil/birth registration authorities, passport and other travel document-issuing authorities, Customs, immigration, law enforcement, foreign affairs, interior affairs and other authorities relevant to the ICAO TRIP Strategy.

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