Implementation Capacity Building Working Group (ICBWG)

The ICAO ICBWG was established in 2008 primarily to assist with the universal implementation of Machine-Readable Travel Documents (MRTD), and to build global capability in related identity management disciplines. With the establishment of the Traveller Identification Program (TRIP), the mandate of the ICBWG became much broader, incorporating advice and guidance for ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) across a range of travel document and border control/facilitation areas.


States may lack the knowledge, technical expertise or resources to implement ICAO SARPs. ICBWG assists states to comply with SARPs, invest in appropriate systems and technologies, and implement best practice processes to achieve global interoperability and security. ICBWG key focus is to ensure the ICAO 'No Country Left Behind' mandate is realised.


ICBWG has five enabling outcomes to assist ICAO Member States to uniquely identify individuals and enhance the security, integrity and efficiency of travel document and border clearance operations:


  • States effectively establish and authenticate identity
  • States issue travel documents that comply with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)
  • States have robust and secure document issuance systems and controls
  • States routinely read and validate MRTDs (including eMRTDs) at borders
  • States utilise globally interoperable applications to manage risk and maximise border efficiency


The ICBWG provides advice and assistance to the ICAO Secretariat in the implementation of the five elements of TRIP. This includes (but is not limited to) the following areas of activity:


  • Developing guidance material and tools for implementing TRIP-related standards, recommended practices and specifications, and measuring compliance;
  • Updating ICAO policy and guidance material on the ICAO TRIP Strategy, with a view to keeping it current and responsive to changes and the needs of ICAO Member States;
  • Supporting capacity building initiatives and regional initiatives, including seminars and symposia;
  • Facilitating ICAO TRIP assistance in the form of education, training and identification of experts for projects conducted through a resource mobilisation process or voluntary contributions;
  • Building the knowledge and strategic capability of States in order that they can design, procure and implement new technologies and processes that drive value;
  • Maintaining up-to-date information on the status of States in relation to travel documents and border control; and
  • Contributing to the development and maintenance of SARPs and technical specifications on MRTD or eMRTD issuance and border control matters, including serving as a forum for providing input and feedback.
  • The ICBWG also undertakes a proactive leadership role for ICAO in facilitating and coordinating assistance in the international community, in close cooperation with other experts of Member States, international organisations and the private sector.
  • The ICAO Secretariat, TAG/TRIP members and ICAO Member States can attend ICBWG. TAG/TRIP Observers, Chair of the ISO SC17 WG3, Task Force Leaders and representatives from other interested parties and organisations are invited at the discretion of ICAO or the ICBWG Chairperson.
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