Joint Statement

    Joint Statement

1-Joint ICAO-WHO Statement on COVID-19.

2-Joint ICAO-ILO-IMO Statement on key worker designation.

3-Joint Statement by UN system entities calling for recognition of seafarers as key workers.

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4-Joint Statement by UN system entities on the Contribution of international trade and supply

          chains to a sustainable socio-economic recovery in COVID-19 times.

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5-ICAO/WCO Joint Statement on the global transportation and distribution of  COVID-19 

                             vaccines and associated medical supplies 2 February 2021

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6-Joint Statement on prioritization of COVID-19 vaccination for seafarers and aircrew 25 March 2021

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7-Joint Statement  International Civil Aviation Organization and the Universal postal union urge                         

                                                               continued support


8-ICAO and International Chamber of Commerce joint statement on pandemic public/private 

                                                            cooperation priorities


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