UN Imports PKD Country Signing Certificate

Thomas Hanley (center left), Chief of the United Nations Travel and Transportation Section, upon joining the ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD). Hanley is seen here with Steve Berti, Chief of the ICAO Security and Facilitation Policy (SFP) Section, as well as UN’s Elizabeth O’Rourke (left), and ICAO’s Christiane Demarkar (right)
MONTRÉAL, 11 October 2012 - On 10 October 2012, the United Nations imported its Country Signing Certificate Authority (CSCA) in the PKD. The Import Ceremony was held in the ICAO PKD Operations Room in the presence of Thomas Hanley, Chief, Travel and Transportation Section and ICAO officers, in order to testify that due diligence is followed and to safeguard the integrity of the certificate delivered to ICAO.
The United Nations are the first non-State Entity to submit a Country Signing Certificate Authority (CSCA) root certificate to ICAO, and by doing so they will enable the validation of its eUNLP and facilitate the border crossing of UN Civil Servants.


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