ICAO welcomes establishment of MENA Regional Safety Oversight Organization

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has welcomed the establishment of the Middle East and North Africa Regional Safety Oversight Organization (MENA RSOO), a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing aviation safety in the region. The MENA RSOO, officially launched on 6 December 2023, seeks to pool resources and expertise to create a comprehensive framework for improving aviation safety practices.

During his keynote address at the MENA RSOO Steering Committee Meeting in Riyadh on 21 May 2024, ICAO Secretary General Juan Carlos Salazar congratulated the organization on its establishment. He stated, "The MENA RSOO is a testament to the power of cooperation and a shared vision to enhance aviation safety in the region”. 

Mr. Salazar also acknowledged Saudi Arabia's leadership and support in hosting and developing this important initiative. He recognized the efforts of the ICAO Middle East Regional Office, led by Regional Director Mohamed Abubaker Farea, in identifying critical needs and providing ongoing support during the establishment of the MENA RSOO.

ICAO's collaboration with Regional Safety Oversight Organizations has spanned two decades, demonstrating the organization's long-standing commitment to supporting their establishment as a means of strengthening safety oversight. As part of this commitment, ICAO has formally invited the MENA RSOO to join the ICAO RSOO Cooperative Platform, facilitating close collaboration with ICAO and other RSOOs worldwide exchanging best practices, fostering knowledge-sharing, and nurturing innovative solutions to enhance aviation safety globally.

As the MENA RSOO moves forward with staffing and operational processes, ICAO is prepared to provide advisory services, technical and logistical support, and access to its extensive expertise. Mr. Salazar emphasized "ICAO remains committed to developing and evolving its programmes supporting RSOOs worldwide. We recognize the significant benefits that our Member States gain from their respective Regional Safety Oversight Organizations. These organizations enhance the effectiveness of Member States' safety oversight measures."

The establishment of the MENA RSOO marks a significant step towards regional collaboration in aviation safety. With ICAO's support and the collective efforts of its Member States, the MENA RSOO is well-positioned to drive improvements in aviation safety throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.

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