Commemoration of the passing of former ICAO Secretary General Yves Lambert

The ICAO flag is flying at half-mast today to commemorate the 27 March passing of M. Yves Lambert, former Secretary General of ICAO.
Mr. Lambert served as Secretary General of ICAO from 1 August 1976 until 31 July 1988. During his tenure, he showed great diligence and professionalism in leading the Secretariat and is remembered for his kindness and humanity. 

Among other achievements, Mr. Lambert played a crucial role in facilitating the adoption of a significant amendment to the Convention on International Civil Aviation in the form of Article 3 bis, which underscores the need for Member States to refrain from using weapons against civil aircraft. 

Prior to his appointment as Secretary General, Mr. Lambert served as Representative of France 
on the Council of ICAO from 1973 to 1976, during which time he participated in the work of the ICAO Assembly, Council and Committees of the Council and chaired the Finance Committee and the Committee on Joint Support of Air Navigation Services. 

His remarkable career continued as Director of Air Navigation at the French Direction de la navigation aérienne, following which he was appointed Director General of Eurocontrol, a position he held until his retirement in 2000.

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