38th ICAO Assembly – Opening Ceremonies and Media Lunch

MONTRÉAL, 16 September 2013 – The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) will be hosting national/provincial dignitaries and over 1,000 Ministers and other high-level officials at its 38th triennial Assembly (A38), this 24 Sept. through 4 Oct. 2013. ICAO and industry officials will also share their positions more frankly and informally at a special ICAO/McGill Pre-Assembly Symposium on 21-22 Sept.



Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird and Québec Premier Pauline Marois will join Montréal Mayor Laurent Blanchard, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (video recorded) and ICAO officials as speakers at the A38 opening ceremonies. Attending press are invited to a complimentary lunch afterward, following which press conferences will be held on the event’s main themes. Key issues under discussion may be found at the end of this advisory.





ICAO/McGill Pre-Assembly Symposium:

A38 Opening Ceremonies and Speakers:

Complimentary Press Luncheon:

Assembly Press Conference:

Air Cargo Cooperation Press Conference:

​21-22 September – 0830-1730

24 September – 1100-1200

24 September – 1200-1300

24 September – 1300-1330

24 September – 1330-1400


WHO: ​Opening Ceremony Guests:

John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada

Pauline Marois, Québec Premier

Laurent Blanchard, Mayor of Montréal


Via recorded video message:


Main Assembly Press Conference:

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary Genreal


Roberto Kobeh González, ICAO Council President

Raymond Benjamin, ICAO Secretary General


​Air Cargo Cooperation Press Conference:

Raymond Benjamin, ICAO Secretary General

Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General

Oliver Evans, Board Chairman, TIACA

Boubacar Djibo, Director, ICAO Air Transport Bureau


​WHERE: ​ICAO, 999 University,  Montréal, QC, atrium-level entrance south of main entrance




Media accreditation is available through: www.icao.int/newsroom


Please be sure to stipulate which event/dates apply to your visit. Members of the media can pick up their access badges after passing through security and registration in the ICAO atrium entrance.

38th Assembly Main Issues:


Global Plans


38th Assembly endorsement of two complementary ICAO global plans, guiding aviation safety and air navigation developments over the coming 15 years, will be critical to its success. Both plans will be instrumental to safely and efficiently managing the projected doubling of air transport capacity globally thru 2030 without significant negative impacts on global passenger and cargo movements.


Shoring-up Cargo Supply Chain Security while Ensuring the Free-flow of Trade


The 38th Assembly will also enjoy the participation of the World Customs Organization and highlight the increased priority being placed on determining cargo security solutions which don't delay or otherwise obstruct world trade. Major industry trade group TIACA will join the press conference on this topic.


Economic Policy Progress


The Assembly will also be asked to endorse the targets and work programme relating to the results from the ICAO Air Transport Conference earlier this year, where agreement was forged on new approaches to liberalize market access while safeguarding fair competition, and to foster regulatory convergence in key areas of international air transport such as consumer rights and taxes and fees.


Climate Change and an Aviation MBM


Developments relating to a Market-based Measure (MBM) for international aviation emissions will also be top-of-mind at this event. ICAO will be looking for acknowledgement that it has met the targets set for it by the 37th Assembly, as well as clear indication of its climate change roadmap through the next triennium.


Election of new ICAO Council


Assembly delegates will also decide at A38 on which countries will be privileged to serve on ICAO’s prestigious governing Council through its new triennium, a body made up of 36 States’ representatives.

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