Global Youth Engagement - Facilitation Session

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It is crucial for the global youth to actively engage with ICAO on aviation environmental matters. At the same time, ICAO has an opportunity to bring new ideas into its work on aviation de-carbonization, as the work on the feasibility of the long-term aspiration goal reaches its conclusion at the 41st Session of the ICAO Assembly in October 2022. ​

During the 2021 ICAO stocktaking the informal engagement of universities, young entrepreneurs, students, and environmental activists on this theme has already begun through a series of presentations on the first day of the event. Following these presentations, a call was made for the global youth, interested in aviation and environment, to come together under an umbrella organization in order to engage with ICAO."


"The Global Youth Engagement – Facilitation Session,  was held oN 28 October 2021 and connected global youth, focused on aviation and its environmental impacts. This facilitation event served as a call for the youth all over the world to come together in order to engage with ICAO, to inspire ideas and drive the transition to a sustainable future for aviation. The event brought together academic institutions, aviation stakeholders, youth passionate about the aviation green transition and also youth from other areas such as environment and energy to establish a Youth Umbrella Group for Sustainable Aviation that would be open to all and aimed at global representation. 


(watch the announcement -  Stocktaking 2021 Day 1, Jane Hupe, - time 1:59:20)

ICAO welcomes the engagement of the global youth, focusing on the de-carbonization of international aviation, to assist in inspiring the solutions for the sustainable future of air travel, through CO2 reduction innovations including technology, operations and fuels. For more information contact

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