2021 ICAO Stocktaking on aviation in-sector CO₂ emissions reductions

ICAO Stocktaking Seminar on aviation in-sector CO₂ emissions reductions

31 August - 2 September 2021
ICAO HQ, 999 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard

The 2021 ICAO Stocktaking is the most important global event of the year on the decarbonisation of the aviation sector.

Building on the 2020 ICAO Stocktaking event, which displayed over 100 innovative solutions to unlock current and future CO2 aviation emissions reduction potentials, along with strong commitments and ambitious roadmaps to zero emissions, the 2021 ICAO Stocktaking will provide a forum for the exchange and collection of information and data between all aviation stakeholders, covering the three areas for in-sector reductions: technologies, operations, and Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

During the four-day event aeronautical pioneers, industry leaders, technical experts, researchers, innovators, civil society advocates, and States, will illustrate their concrete and ambitious plans for decarbonizing international aviation. The event will conclude with a policy day, featuring high-level interventions to discuss the link between the post-pandemic green recovery and the future of sustainable aviation.

ICAO Pre-Stocktaking Webinars

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"Battery technology, fueling Aviation Electrification" on 16 March 2021 " <<

Starting from March 2021 to August 2021, a series of ICAO Pre-Stocktaking monthly webinars will pave the way to the 2021 Stocktaking, representing unique opportunities to discuss ahead of the event important challenges and tools of action associated with a decarbonised future for the aviation sector. Each webinar will be 90 minutes long and be available on ICAO TV, live and replay. The ICAO Pre-Stocktaking talks webinars are organised under the framework of the ICAO Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation, which gathers stakeholders working on innovations and breakthroughs for a greener future for aviation. 


The ICAO Pre-Stocktaking Webinars will gather experts, leaders and innovators wishing to openly and productively discuss the following themes:

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