NAV AIDs Flight Inspection


2 Day Webinar.  Each webinar will be approximately 2 hours.

24 November & 25 November 2020 1200 -1400 UTC



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Recording of Day 1 can be found here.

Recording of Day 2 can be found here.



Day 1 Presentations​Day 2 Presentations
​1 Relevant ICAO Provisions​1 QRG Flight Inspection
​2 Update of Doc 8071 Vol 1​2 Technologies and Methods France uses for NAVAIDS FI and FP validation
3 Update of Doc 8071 Vol 2 GNSS​3 Flight Inspection Periodicity Extension - Jordan
4 Doc 9906 Vol 5​4 CAA NAVAIDS flight Inspection - Oman
​5 Iran Presentation


Summary of Questions and Answers from Webinars can be found below:

Day 1:  NAV AID Q and A Day 1.xlsx

Day 2: NAV AIDS Q and A Day 2.xlsx

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The objective of the webinar is to provide an update on the latest global developments in NAV AIDs flight inspection, through the review of recent updates of ICAO Doc. 8071 (Vols I and II) and Doc. 9906 (Vol V), as well as to discuss States's best practices.  The webinar will also address NAV AIDs flight inspection issues caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


The webinar agenda can be found here.



Civil Aviation Authorities, ANSPs, Airlines and Industry



Gerhard Berz, Senior Expert of Navigation Systems, EUROCONTROL


Muna Alnadaf, Regional Officer, Communications, Navigations and Surveillance, ICAO, Cairo Office


Abbas Niknejad, Regional Officer, Air Navigation System Implementation, ICAO, Paris Office

Abbas 200X200.png

Fabrizio Marachich, Flight Crew Training Manager, ENAV


 Laurent Chauvin, Flight Inspector, DSNA, France


Amena Dodin, Director of Technical Support, Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission


Khaled Eltanany, Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Safety Inspector, Oman CAA


Majid Nasser Alsiyabi, Navigation Aids Section Chief, Oman CAA


Rohallah Modarreszadeh, Deputy, Navigation Aids Department, Iran Airport and Air Navigation Company (AIC)



Mohamed Rejeb, Air Navigation and Air Safety Expert, ACAO




Gerhand Berz

Gerhand holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Avionics Engineering Technology from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, as well as a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University and its Avionics Engineering Center. His professional experience includes the Swiss Federal Aircraft Company (today RUAG Aerospace), the United States Naval Air Systems Command, as well as skyguide, the Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider. Currently at Eurocontrol, he is a Senior Expert of Navigation Systems, covering issues ranging from conventional terrestrial navigation to satellite navigation and spectrum. He serves as the Rapporteur of the Conventional Navigation Aids and Testing Working Group of the ICAO Navigation Systems Panel (responsible for updating ICAO Doc 8071). He is also the chairman of EUROCAE WG 107 on “DME Infrastructure supporting PBN Positioning” and the infrastructure session of the Eurocontrol Navigation Steering Group.


Muna Alnadaf

Muna Alnadaf is the Regional Officer, Communications, Navigation and Surveillance for the ICAO MID Office. Prior to joining ICAO in November 2017, she was the CNS director at Jordan CARC.



Muna holds a BSc in electrical Engineering (Telecommunication & Computer), MBA/MIS degree, PGD in Project Management, and diploma in Aeronautical Telecommunication Engineering. She is also officially certified in PMP, CCNA, CCNP.  Muna has over 18 years of experience in aviation.


Abbas Niknejad


Abbas Niknejad has more than 21 years experience in the civil aviation sector and in particular in air navigation services. He joined ICAO in February 2014 and has served the organization in various capacities during his tenure at the ICAO MID and EUR/NAT Regional Offices.


He is currently Regional Officer, Air Navigation System Implementation at the ICAO EUR/NAT Office, Paris. Abbas holds PhD and masters degrees in management and a bachelor's degree in ATS, in addition to various technical and training certifications. Abbas is also a certified ICAO USOAP CMA auditor in the ANS field.


Fabrizio Maracich is the Flight Crew Training manager of the Flight Inspection and Validation Dept. of ENAV, Italy's ANSP. He is a member of ICAO IFPP, a board member of ICASC, the International Committee for Airspace Standards and Calibration, and a founding member and board member of IFPDAVA, the International Flight Procedure Design and Validation Association. He holds a BSc in Aviation Science, a MSc in Economics and an MBA.


Fabrizio joined AAAVTAG (the predecessor of ENAV) in 1989 as a student Air Traffic Controller, working then as a Radar Approach Controller for ten years. Having started flying at age 17 and holding professional pilot ratings he was transferred to the Flight Inspection and Validation department in 2000, as a flight inspection pilot. He is now a Sr. Captain, Instructor and Examiner, operating worldwide during inspection and validation missions.


Laurent Chauvin

Laurent Chauvin, born in 1969, graduated as technician in physics and measurements in 1989 and as ATSEP engineer (IESSA) in ENAC in 1992. He's been a flight inspector ever since and was greatly involved in the initial development and improvements of the Carnac FIS on the customer side (specifications and testing).  He is also a former private pilot and glider pilot.


Amenda Dodin

Amena Dodin is the Director of Technical Support at Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission. Amena has the responsibility of managing all aspects related to CNS Systems in Jordan. She started her career in aviation twenty years ago as a CNS engineer at Queen Alia International Airport.


Amena holds a BSc in Communication/Electrical Engineering from Kuwait University and has attended many specialized extensive training courses which enabled her to gain knowledge and experience in management, planning and implementation of air navigation systems and projects. In addition to practical experience, Amena has prepared and conducted several training courses in flight inspection for Nav. Aids, ILS, DVOR& DME Systems, VHF Radio systems, VCSS, GNSS Theory & Concept and others.


Khaled Eltanany

Khaled Eltanany has a background of Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering with more than eleven years of hands-on experience in the civil aviation and Telecommunication Industries. In the last nine years, he has been working as Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance safety inspector at Civil Aviation Authorities. Khaled has great knowledge and experience of the ANS safety oversight activities and CNS safety matters. He is a member in several ICAO MID groups/taskforces as well.


Khaled Eltanany is currently a CNS safety inspector in OMAN Civil Aviation Authority. In addition, he is the vice-chairperson of ICAO MID Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance Sub Group.


Majid Nasser Alsiyabi

Majid Nasser Alsiyabi is an Air Navigation Systems Engineer, with IT and Telecommunication background. He has been working for Civil Aviation Authority Oman for the last 9 years. Majid has hands-on experience in installing, operating and maintaining the various navigation aids. He has participated in several flight commissioning activities and routine flight inspection activities of ILS and VOR/DME.


Majid is currently acting as Navigation Aids section chief in Civil Aviation Authority-Oman.


Rohallah Modarreszadeh


Rohallah Modarreszadeh is the Deputy of Navigation Aids Department in Iran Airport and Air Navigation Company (AIC). He graduated from the Civil Aviation Technology College (CATC) in 2001. He holds bachelor and master degrees in Electronics. He started his job at Sanandaj Airport as an ATSEP Engineer and now he is the head of Sanandaj Airport Operation.


He is Navigation Aids Instructor( Doc. 8071 , Doc. 9750 , GNSS manual , ILS THALES 410 and  Annex 10 in CATC and AIC). Rohalla is responsible to evaluate proposals, prepare, installation and operation Nav-aids.


Mohamed Rejeb

Mr. Mohamed REJEB is currently an Air Navigation and Air Safety Expert from the Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO).


He is a senior aviation manager and holds a Master's Degree in Engineering in "Industrial Engineering" from the Engineering School of TUNIS (ENIT) since 1992 and Master's Degree in Aeronautical Operations from National School of Civil Aviation of Toulouse - France (ENAC) since 1993. He is ISO, CNS/ATM and SMS Lead Auditor.

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