Extending Flight and Duty Limits for COVID-19 "Special Ops"


30 June 2020 0900 EDT (Montreal time)



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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some circumstances where there may be a need for operators to move outside existing flight and duty limits and related requirements to enable essential or emergency services.  As some of these extended operations are beyond current operational experience with little or no evidence as to their safety implications, it is particularly important for States to ensure the fatigue risk linked to extended operations, is managed in a way that supports adequate crew performance and recovery.  


This webinar will provide an opportunity to explore the responsibilities of States and operators related to extended COVID-19 "special operations", including the need for enhanced monitoring.  It is aimed at airlines who may wish to apply for extensions and to regulators who approve these applications. 


It is the first webinar in the set of two, with the second led by IATA at 0900 EDT on 2 July, focusing on managing fatigue risks faced by an industry returning to more "normal operations.  Registration for the IATA webinar can be found here:



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Michelle Millar

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Kathryn Jones


Capt. Jim Mangie




Dr. Michelle Millar

Dr. Michelle Millar is the Technical Officer (Human Performance) at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).  She heads the ICAO Human Performance Task Force, the Fatigue Management Task Force and coordinates the development of HP-related Standards and guidance material. She has an academic background in organisational psychology, with a specialisation in sleep, fatigue and performance.   


Kathryn Jones

Ms Kathryn Jones is the Manager of the Safety Improvement team at the UK Civil Aviation Authority. She also leads the CAA's Human Factors program and specializes in fatigue management. She is a member of the ICAO Fatigue Management task force and Human Performance Task Force and was a member of EASA flight time limitations rulemaking groups. She holds a masters in aviation safety management, focused on the human in the safety system.   


Jim Mangie

Captain Jim Mangie is responsible for managing pilot fatigue risk and flight /duty time regulatory compliance at Delta   Air Lines. He also serves as the chairman of the IATA Fatigue Risk Management Technical Group and was the industry co-chair for the FAA Flight Crewmember Duty and Rest Requirements Aviation Rulemaking Committee. Captain Mangie currently flies the A350 and has over 10,000 hours of airline and military flying experience.




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