Aviation Security Contingency Measures during COVID-19 Pandemic


6 August 2020, 0900 EDT (Montreal time)



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This webinar aims to provide all aviation security stakeholders with guidance on how to efficiently resume operations during the COVID-19 crisis while maintaining a strong aviation security system. It will go over the measures, and rationale thereof, found the ICAO Guidelines for Aviation Security Contingency Measures During The COVID-19 Pandemic.



States and industry partners, including airport operators, aircraft operators, security service providers and any entities applying aviation security measures.



Alec Doazan


Ander Oquillas




Alec Doazan

Mr. Alec Doazan joined ICAO 10 years ago as a Technical Officer, Aviation Security Policy Section. During this time, he used his years of experience as an airline professional to provide qualitative support to the aviation security community. He has led a number of projects and collaboration efforts to strengthen aviation security globally and address the ever-growing threats to international civil aviation. In particular, Mr. Doazan has been a key player in the development of guidance material to assist States in applying Annex 17 provisions, all of which make up the ICAO Aviation Security Manual. Among other commitments, he is working alongside his safety colleagues and experts in addressing the threat posed by the malicious use of unmanned aircraft systems against aviation infrastructure.


Prior to his appointment, he spent 9 years in the United States as a Director of Airline Security and Regulatory Compliance for US carriers, while actively participating in various industry-wide meetings and organizations geared towards improving the aviation security. In 2009, he provided his services as a lecturer to aviation business undergraduate students in Dubai where he was able to share his knowledge of the industry with eager-to-learn students in a fast growing market.


Mr. Doazan holds a Bachelor in Physics and Mechanics from the University of Mediterranee in France, a Master in Aeronautical Science from the Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile in Toulouse, and an MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida


Ander Oquillas

Mr. Ander Oquillas joined ICAO as a Technical Officer, Aviation Security Policy section, in November 2019. He is involved in works related to air cargo security and the assessment of threats and risks to aviation security. He has also contributed to ICAO's work in response to the Covid-19 pandemic from an aviation security perspective.


Prior to joining ICAO, Mr. Oquillas worked for the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority, as Head of the Air Cargo Security and Risks Service and as a National Aviation Security Inspector. He represented the Spanish CAA in several national and international forums, including the Aviation Security Regulatory Committee of the European Union and the ICAO Working Group on Threat and Risks. Some relevant national projects under his lead are the Spanish ACC3 program and the National Aviation Security Risk Management Framework. He has also been an European Commission Aviation Security Inspector for the last 4 years.

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