ICAO pre-CAAF/3 Outcomes Consultation

ICAO pre-CAAF/3 Outcomes Consultation

25 - 26 September 2023
Montréal , CANADA
ICAO HQ,999 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard
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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) pre-CAAF/3 (pre-third Conference on Aviation Alternative Fuels) Outcomes Consultation, will be held at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada from 25 to 26 September 2023 as a hybrid event with in-person and virtual participation.


This second pre-CAAF/3 event intends to undertake consultation among States with a focus on possible CAAF/3 outcomes for an ICAO global framework for aviation cleaner energy, seeking convergence of views on as many issues as possible, and identifying remaining differences of views with a possible way forward to bridge them, in order to pave the way for result-oriented discussions at CAAF/3.


Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the topic and possible CAAF/3 outcomes as a focus of this consultation event, States are invited to involve different areas of expertise and also senior government officials.


You are kindly requested to register online to attend the pre-CAAF/3 Outcomes Consultation no later than 11 September 2023.

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