Administrative Arrangements

Canadian Entry Requirements for the Participants at the Innovation Fair 2019 and the Fifth World Aviation Forum (IWAF/5)


The following procedures must be observed by the applicants.


Canadian visa requirements



Visa Applications


  • The Temporary Resident Visa application forms, as well as the Document Checklist which forms part of the Application Kit, can be found at:
  • An application for a Temporary Resident Visa can be submitted to a Canadian Visa Office abroad through an Online Application, following the link above, or through a Visa Application Centre (VAC).
  • To determine where to submit the application, see
  • In addition to the requested personal information and other required documents, individuals should indicate that they are coming at the invitation of ICAO and include copy of State letter M15/1.4 – 19/45 of 15 July 2019.
  • In order to facilitate the issuance of visas, applications and envelopes should be marked “ICAO”.


ICAO letter of support to visa applications


  • A letter of support can be requested from ICAO to be addressed to the appropriate Canadian Visa Office.
  • Such requests should contain the personal data of the Assembly participants, i.e. full name, title (including entity/authority or place of work), date of birth, nationality and passport number.
  • Copy of the visa-support letter provided by ICAO must be attached to the visa application to be submitted to the Canadian Visa Office or VAC, in compliance with existing immigration requirements.


Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)


As of 15 March 2016, visa-exempt visitors travelling to Canada by air are expected to have an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). It is recommended that the application for eTA be made well in advance of flying to Canada. More information on eTA is available at the following IRCC website:


Arriving in Canada


In order to facilitate entry formalities upon arrival in Canada, it is suggested that participants carry copy of the document notifying that they are representatives at the ICAO Innovation Fair 2019 and the Fifth World Aviation Forum (IWAF/5), and that they identify themselves as such to the Canadian Immigration authorities. It is NOT possible to obtain a visa upon arrival in Canada, at the point of entry.

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