Who Should Attend


The main objective of the symposium is to create a network between aviation analysis practitioners and various data, software or infrastructure providers.

As an  air navigation and safety intelligence practitioner, you may be most interested in attending the event as a speaker or simple participant, if you are working in a civil aviation authority, airline, airport, aircraft manfucaturer or air navigation service provider or related industry as: 

        • Safety Manager  
        • Safety or Business Analyst,
        • Chief Technical Officer                                         
        • Chief Information Officer
        • Datamart Administrator
        • Chief Data Officer
        • Aviation Researcher
        • State Safety Programme Manager
        • Accident Data Analyst
        • or any other position in which you have to generate actionable information out of data for decision making

As a technology company, you may be most interested in attending the event as a speaker, exhibitor, sponsor or simple participant, if your business is providing one or more of the following services which are necessary to practitioners when conducting aviation analysis:

        • Data: Aviation related data or structured information such as accident data, traffic, delays, airport information, routes, real-time flight data, etc. 
        • Software:Software, libraries, web services or database solutions which manage,                                                 visualize, display and map the data.
        • Infrastructure: Physical or cloud based infrastructures, servers and platforms to store and process data and run software products.
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